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Parker pioneered the development of fountain pens, revolutionary technology in 1889. The company has continued its tradition of innovation for more than 125 years. It is recognized as an industry leader for its creative use of designs, pen constructions, materials and shapes. Parker’s craftsmen can even create personalized pens for customers based on shapes and materials they select.

Parker’s European division relied on our expertise to improve the design of their web page presenting their pens and related products.

ParkerStore - Web Design Example 1


Our objective was to design a web page that delivered a shopping experience for visitors consistent with the quality of the Parker brand. We wanted to create a feeling of luxury along with the excitement of innovation that is characteristic of Parker products.

On a practical level Parker also wanted to increase its sales conversion rate from the web page. We had to conform to Parker’s branding guidelines while delivering a new experience for their visitors.


It was a pleasure for us to work with Parker given its long history and great products, so we were excited about creating a new online shopping experience for Parker’s customers. Our primary goal was to develop a distinctive experience for pen enthusiasts shopping for Parker’s products. We achieved this by using clean lines, plenty of white space and easy to read fonts. All of these were crafted in a rich, golden style conveying luxury products.

In order to boost the conversion rate, we created a hierarchy of calls to action. We made sure that the highest priority items such as the Buy button were the most prominent and easily accessible at all times. In addition, we improved the process for cross selling related products helping to create more revenue for Parker and its partners.

The result of our collaboration with Parker was a web page that conveys the quality of their brand while offering a seamless and unique shopping experience for purchasers of pens and related products.

Colors #000000 #a3884c
#d6cab1 #f1eee9
ParkerStore - Design Example 2
ParkerStore - Design Example 3
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