J. C. C. Brueckner

J. C. Cameron Brueckner is an editor, producer and director, who co-created a variety of projects. He produced and directed educational short series (Vineyard Voices) as well as managed and conformed TV shows (Pokémon) and feature films (Smash His Camera). He contributed to commercials and short films (The Clerk’s Tale) and served as the Post-Production Supervisor for Forgetting the Girl. Cameron now works for Cloak and Dagger Productions, LLC. He’s producing a feature narrative (Dark Jungle) and is directing and producing his first movie (War for the Web), which he’s been able to promote online thanks to INCORE’s help. INCORE allowed J. C. Cameron Brueckner’s artistic skills to shine in the digital world. Our aim was to open a new communication channel, one that showed off his services and established his online presence. We wanted people to experience Cameron’s visual aesthetics and become immersed in his sensations- and feelings-exploring productions.

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