Universal Preserv-A-Chem

Chemical distributor and specialty manufacturer of chemicals and natural ingredients.


Universal Preserv-A-Chem Inc. (UPI) is a wholesale chemical distributor and specialty manufacturer of over 4000 chemicals and natural ingredients serving all of North America. As a second-generation family owned business they have been in operation for over 50 years. This continuity of leadership and vision over time distinguishes them from most companies today. UPI has grown to become a leading provider of chemicals and natural ingredients and primarily works with the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and associated markets.

Their philosophy is based on providing the highest quality of products, superior levels of customer service, compliance with industry manufacturing standards and government regulations. This is combined with a company culture focused on continuous improvement in all of their processes and providing a good environment for their employees. The UPI motto is: “We Deliver Quality, in-spec and on time!”

UPI - Web Design Example 1


Our goal was to give UPI a new way of communicating with their current and potential customers and a support platform for UPI’s sales team. They did not have a website or any other digital presence, so the first priority was to build their website. This provided them with the opportunity to showcase their brand online to complement their offline presence as well as positioning UPI to be found in online search.

Their website will serve as their digital home base where UPI can present the full range of their products, business philosophy and ways that their audience can contact and follow them.

Since UPI offers over 4,000 products we had to create an easy, time efficient way to import this product information into their website. Without the right solution this could have been an extremely tedious process. In addition, we needed to create a top notch user experience for website visitors and make it easy for them to find the products they needed.

Finally we had to ensure that the necessary technology was in place for UPI to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Return On Investment (ROI) metrics.


We created a website that communicates UPI’s professionalism and commitment to superior quality in every aspect of their operation. By using sharp edges, strong but non-aggressive colors and high-quality images we portrayed UPI as a dynamic and modern company. Together with UPI’s team we created an information architecture that allows visitors to easily understand UPI’s offer and at the same time learn enough information about the company be able to trust their needs to UPI.

Those steps not only created a new way for potential customers to find out about UPI but also supported sales team efforts. Now sales representatives have digital materials they can use during the sales process (e.g., product specifications), which speeds up the sales cycle. In addition, digital materials are more easily distributed than print content and offer decision makers the ability to review information at their convenience.

To create an easy way of maintaining the website we implemented a Content Management System that allows product information to be imported in a CSV format. This way the client can continue to maintain products in their existing inventory management software and export them to the website with ease.

In order to measure KPIs and ROI we installed analytics tools that allow UPI to track how visitors use the website, where are they coming from, and help us optimize pages to increase conversion rates.

In view of the fact that most vendor research begins online, UPI is now well positioned in the digital space with an attractive web presence that properly represents its brand and enables the company to be found in online search.

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