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Concurrency offers productivity-expanding solutions for businesses and opens profession-boosting doors for employees. Thanks to its broad expertise, the company skillfully guides its clients on strategizing and using cutting-edge and problem-solving methods to transform their costly IT, HR, and other departments into tactical forces. Also, with its versatile and career-expanding job opportunities, Concurrency optimizes individuals’ Microsoft-focused professional goals.

INCORE’s collaboration with IWW boosted Concurrency’s online appeal, grabbing potential employees’ attention. We aimed to present the company as a modern and dynamic employer that has the force to change lives. With this website, we illustrated the Concurrency’s welcoming, educational, and employee-thriving environment.

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Mr. Person

Concurrency is an expert in optimizing Microsoft careers. The company enables people to absorb its broad expertise, while opening many doors to new professional possibilities.

INCORE’s goal in this section was to demonstrate that Concurrency can advance people’s careers, regardless of their IT level or Microsoft knowledge.

As a Microsoft Partner of the Year Concurrency attracts real people with a real passion for technology and helps them develop career in Microsoft technologies.

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Concurrency’s extensive understanding of the industry and its knowledge of the Microsoft platforms lets it guide organizations to improve their cost effectiveness, strategic functioning, and work process. The company focuses on Infrastructure, Business Productivity, and Relationship Management. This structure allows its consultants to deepen their area expertise and expand their career aspirations. Concurrency’s clients appreciate its approach and solutions, while its consultants value its knowledge base, corporate structure, and positive client relations.

With this in mind, INCORE aimed to show here that this teamwork-oriented and client-centered company is an excellent, educated and trustworthy career-boosting employer.



Real Microsoft expertise.
Real business value.

Concurrency’s commitment shapes its vision and values. The company acknowledges people’s business-shaping power and unifies with its clients’ objectives, while aiming to be a trustworthy advisor. It aspires to bring strategic business value and provide useful and innovative IT approaches and methodologies to improve functionality and enable success. Concurrency’s always-motivated and IT-ready consultants want to share their expertise to build their clients’ business confidence and inspire their creativity.

Working with a company that shares the same vision of providing outstanding services, empowering individuals, and enhancing businesses-client connections is a pleasure for INCORE. It’s also an occasion for a successful cooperation for both organizations.

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