Kwahuman Association

Non-profit socio-cultural association promoting education and preventive health in NJ and in the Ghana.

Kwahuman Association promotes education, healthcare, and loving attitude. It serves its members, the public in New Jersey, and the people in the Kwahu Traditional Areas in Ghana, West Africa. This non-profit organization ensures proper education and academic opportunities for primary, middle, and high school students. Kwahuman Association also works with healthcare institutions to provide health education, affordable care, and preventative measures to its communities. The organization emphasizes the importance of all-around love and helps to advance people’s personal and professional growth. INCORE enabled Kwahuman Association’s great work to shine on the Internet. We wanted to illustrate how the organization supports its communities and allows individuals to succeed in life. Our aim was to let the supporters feel the organization’s warm-hearted dedication and to encourage them to be a part of this cause by donating online.

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