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Microsoft needs no introduction, but to set the proper context, this project was done for Microsoft’s European division. Microsoft is the world’s leading software company, with revenues from software sales of more than double that of Oracle, its nearest competitor. Sales of its Windows products account for approximately 29% of Microsoft’s over $65 billion in software sales.

Web Design Example 1


The task was to create a landing page for a conference presenting Microsoft Windows solutions for businesses. Microsoft wanted a design that could be reused as a landing page template for future events as well.

The landing page needed to serve two purposes. First, it had to provide visitors with an easy way to register for the event. Second, the landing page was to serve as a site where interested parties could follow the timeline of their event. Of course, the landing page needed to conform with Microsoft Windows’ branding guidelines.


Since Microsoft wanted a landing page that could be used for both their current and future events, we took a modular approach to its design. The landing page is constructed in sections that can be swapped out and adjusted based on each event. We were guided by Microsoft’s brand manual while adding a unique touch with video animations to bring the page to life.

The landing page layout combined with liberal use of white space make it easy to read with a clear Call to Action for visitors to follow.

Microsoft Windows (European division) now has a reusable landing page that will serve their purpose for this event and future events. They can easily edit and switch sections of the landing page template for events as necessary while maintaining the event registration, timeline and branding features.

Colors #442359 #2f98ff
#002040 #b9dcff
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