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As the world’s largest software company Microsoft is involved in virtually every imaginable industry. One of the most important is the education industry where the company has made a commitment to provide the technology to help students prepare for the challenges of the 21st century.

Microsoft offers training to help teachers use Microsoft products as teaching tools and even gives free and discounted products to educators and students under certain circumstances. Their stated goal is to help educators provide students with a dynamic learning environment inside and outside the classroom.

Microsoft’s European division used our design expertise to more effectively present their education technology.

Hardware For Education - Web Design Example 1


Our objective for this project was to design a subsection of Microsoft e-commerce website dedicated to Hardware for Education. In addition to presenting Microsoft’s products in a clean, professional fashion we needed to focus on improving the page’s conversion rate. We had to maintain consistency with Microsoft’s existing branding scheme for this product line and ensure that our design was mobile responsive.


Working with brands as well established and highly recognized as Microsoft demands an extra degree of caution and attention to detail during the design process. It is a challenge to stay within their branding guidelines while simultaneously adding value through our own unique touch. We love this type of challenge and this experience makes us better prepared to help every client.

We revamped the design of Microsoft’s online store with an emphasis on creating an easy to navigate information architecture for a better user experience. Our design also included a hierarchy of calls to action prioritized in the proper order. In this case Microsoft was selling its products through partners so our goal was to make it easy for visitors to find and purchase the products they needed through the appropriate reseller.

We used mobile responsive web design to ensure a seamless experience for the growing number of visitors from mobile devices.

As a result of our improving the ease of navigation and simplifying the purchasing process for visitors, Microsoft will see higher conversions from this Hardware for Education web page.

Colors #2c1570 #0072c6
#00bcf2 #f2f2f2
Hardware For Education - Design Example 2
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