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Customer-Driven Marketing – Using Google Think Insights to Listen to Your Customers

To the delight of marketers and anyone interested in the way people think, act and explore the Internet, Google has released Google Think Insights from its previous beta format and the possibilities are staggering. We took some time to explore and we think you’ll agree that Google Think Insights, a comprehensive and in-depth research tool, will change the way we interact with our audiences. The playful format inspires exploration and the site is full of useful tools, topical articles, targeted studies, and real-time insight on trends in every sector.

listen your customers

In addition to the wealth of featured data from recent studies and spotlit articles as well as compelling examples of recent successful creative campaigns, there are easy to use, useful tools that will benefit any business or information junkee. Google Think Insights features powerful and compelling features aimed at building your business by utilizing relevant insight drawn from Google’s growing wealth of data.

Exploring Google Think Insights is an addictive pleasure. The features are highlighted with quick explanations or tutorials, but the platform is so user-friendly we think you’ll be gathering data and insights in moments. Under the product and tools tab in the planning tools drop-down menu, there are currently eight marketing tools. While there are some tools we have known and loved in the past, it’s great to have them all in one place as an extension of a whole set combined with new tools and extra data options. The Real Time Insights Finder tool will indicate how your brand plays out in the real world.  It gives up to the minute information on what is happening in your industry based on searches and Internet activity.  This means that in addition to knowing what people think about your specific brand, site or campaign, you’ll have access to a broader perspective on the industry in general and will be able to understand what people are clicking, what they are watching, what they are saying, looking for and searching.  That’s meaningful information when you are trying to understand and predict customer behavior.

There is a Brand Impressions feature that shows what brands are doing over time by revealing visuals, topics and actions related to the brand.  There is also a map that reveals where the brand is making an impact. A Mobile Planet Tool can be used as a tool to learn how your customers in other countries might use their smartphones to interact with your brand.  And Google Think Insights GoMoMeter is a tool that reveals what your site will look like to a consumer on a mobile phone.  Test your campaigns to see if they are mobile-friendly with this easy to use tool. A Consumer Barometer gives insight into your customer’s behavior and how they research informs purchases.  The information is fully customizable by industry and category. We are really excited about the survey option in Google Think Insights. Google Consumer Surveys is an inexpensive and flexible way to create custom surveys in order to gain statistically relevant insight into campaigns and trends. Google Trends tracks search trends by topic over time.  It’s similar the graph on your site’s analytics page, but can be viewed for any search term.  Mobile Ads Showcase  demonstrates examples of mobile ad formats in order to help you reach out to mobile consumers.

These features enable business owners and marketers to quickly spot emerging trends and to and gain insight into ever-evolving consumer behavior. Information is the key to an informed marketing strategy.  Gone are the days of focus groups and elaborate testing conducted by old-style ad agencies.  Today, any marketer can access accurate and specific statistics geared to their brand in the moment. There is no lag time. Business owners and marketers can make informed choices related to their campaigns, strategies and the conversations they initiate based on accurate data thanks to the availability of relevant consumer information.

Good marketing is about listening. In order to serve your customers, it’s essential to understand them.  It is important to anticipate your customer’s needs, to understand their aspirations and challenges.  Your business can be smarter, more nimble and more-customer driven by utilizing the data and tools of Google Think Insights.

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