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A Digital Presence Is a Must, While a Superior One Means Success

Arriving at an interview looking tired, haggard and unkempt, in general, is a prescription for failure. Even worse, not showing up for it at all is the certain kiss of death. Think of your company’s digital presence as an interview that your potential customers conduct with you, even though you may be aware that it is happening. In today’s competitive marketplace, looking good in cyberspace is a 24/7 imperative.  What is a “digital presence” you might ask? Simply put, it is a place on the World Wide Web where potential customers meet your business and its products and services.

Dress to impress

Anyone can grasp the notion that, at an interview, provided that the interviewee actually shows up, first impressions, looks, and later, what the candidate has to offer in terms of information, and demonstrated knowledge and experience, can make or break the deal. These things, reflected positively or not, can make the difference between being chosen and being shown the door. This same logic can be applied to businesses today in a hyper competitive business environment as regards a business' digital presence, or lack thereof.

“Think of your company's digital presence as an interview that your potential customers conduct.”

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In this day age, if executives expect to grow their businesses at healthy and sustainable rates, having a website that stands out among competitors is an absolute must. The quality of the website is of paramount importance. Executives that do not invest the thought, time and money to have a presence on the Internet are left entirely out of the running for new business and expanded sales, while those that show up to the "interview" looking tired, haggard and unkempt are destined to be shown the digital back door, and to lose potential new revenues to competitors that have shown up looking sharp and communicating knowledgeably.

Show up or lose out

Websites are at everyone's fingertips. Research by the consumer experience marketing company, Interactions, shows that before people buy either on line, or at brick and mortar business establishments, 88% percent of them have, at least, an awareness of the digital presence of those that are in the running to compete for their hard earned consumer dollars. Due to the ubiquitous presence of technology that makes the consumer the undisputed king by providing information on a wide range of available product and service choices, the pace of commerce is progressively picking up speed. The most powerful marketing tool that keeps up with this amped up and sophisticated buying environment is the Internet. If your efforts to refine, or even establish, a quality web presence for your company are moving at a snail's pace, or, even worse, inexistent, new and continuing revenue streams will be elusive at best. You can expect stagnation at first, and, then, will be relegated to the dustbin of digital history. Creating an eye opening digital presence allows small companies of modest financial means to make a great, memorable and impacting first impression with potential buyers. A well thought out, tastefully website will, with time and steady effort, transform these smaller companies into bigger companies.

Look good and be taken seriously

Today, without a professional looking digital presence, the credibility of a business, and the quality of its products and/or services, is immediately called into question by savvy, demanding and discerning consumers. To bridge any credibility gap that might exist, it's a fundamental prerequisite of doing business to conceptualize, design, launch and maintain a digital storefront that, beyond just being pleasing to the eye, is easy to navigate and is populated with relevant content. Even though your company may not have the resources available to it that a giant such as Apple does, that doesn't mean that you cannot build a digital presence that is as clean, as impressive and as impacting. As an example, a visit to that highly successful firm's website demonstrates a thoughtful design that exudes quality, and clearly communicates the expertise and knowledge has translated into its monumental success.

Build a Website to Impress

Although the odds are high that your company is not in the same league as Apple, the playing field is leveled considerably for those whose websites communicate quality and expertise in a stylish and clean design. It's often the case that for those that take their place in cyberspace seriously, and act accordingly, the size of their business becomes irrelevant. Small business can often compete toe to toe with large companies. In order to do so, however, must:

  • Show up for the interview
  • Look sharp
  • Communicate clearly and effectively

Taking into account the process by which consumers make their purchase decisions in the age of the Internet, a company that has no digital presence doesn't exist, and a company that has a poor one is not even a consideration.

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