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Using Twitter Vine in Your Online Marketing Efforts

Twitter Vine is a new app for iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) that lets you create & share six-second looping videos to post on Twitter, Facebook, or on the Vine feed. They can also be embedded on your blog or your website. Similar to animated GIFs, the short video format just might catch on, either as a passing fad or even with some longevity.

Why do people like Vine?

Vine is catching on as the app de jour of Twitter users. It’s easy to download from the iTunes app store and start creating Vines. It only took me a couple of minutes to publish my first Vine, from app download to tweet.

Configuration is a snap if you already have Twitter installed on your iDevice. Just link your Twitter profile with the option to change your profile information on Vine. Then follow the on-screen tutorial to create your first Vine. Tap the screen to start and stop your recording of video and audio in short bursts, add caption and location information, and choose to share on Vine, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

The app lets you explore other Vines currently published on the service by searching for people or tags, or check out popular Vines and Editor’s picks. When viewing a Vine in the app, you can “like” it or comment on it.

From what I can see so far, it looks like a lot of people are just experimenting and having fun. There are some creatives, such as artists, movie makers, and designers, who are putting some very interesting and engaging Vines out there. If you are thinking about using Vine for business, be sure to check out the more popular Vines to see what your competing with for attention.

How can you use Vine for business?

There’s no question that the six-second length is a good one for advertisements. YouTube users have five seconds before they can skip an ad on a video. Already, several well-known brands have been using Vine to create short format video advertisements. Check out the Vine videos for these brands on Twitter for inspiration: @thinkmodo, @msnbc, @thedailybeast, @NBCNews, @BuzzFeed, @barbariangroup, @CellJournalist, @techdotmag, @UrbanOutfitters, @Gap, @Moose_Tracks, @PBS, @RedVines, @WheatThins, and @generalelectric.

Even if it is just a passing fad, it’s a great exercise in creativity for your ad or marketing staff, and their brainstorming could result in the surfacing of some other ways to capture the short attention spans of today’s young consumers.

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No matter what your business size or marketing budget, if you have an iDevice, you can give this format a try. If you have a website with merchandise, try creating a Vine of a product from different angles and distances for a product page. This could be an especially good device for products whose benefits are best shown by demonstration. If you have a food and beverage business, try putting up a Vine each day that shows your daily special. If you have a service, show some of the people in your employ actively engaged in performing the service.

Try different techniques, like stop-motion animation. Bring some humor to the creation. If it’s all about fun, even if your motive is to make more money, you’ll be more likely be successful in your efforts and maybe even see your little ditty go viral.

Few Vine videos examples

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