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Staying on Top With Twitter Can Be Easy With These 10 Tips

Twitter has become one of the fastest and most efficient platforms for users to promote their own name, brand and business. However, having a Twitter account alone doesn’t guarantee being noticed, and seeing how easily our updates get lost in this never-stopping flow of tweets may be discouraging. So, what can you do to succeed in this noisy clutter of information, get your name out, and catch those quality followers? Understanding the power of Twitter is key, but staying updated and learning new ways of maneuvering through this crowd are just as important.

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Now, rest assured, as we’ve found a refreshing combination of tips needed to make your Twitter visibility even better.

Use Dashboards and Hashtags

If you want to visually arrange and display on a single screen the most important data needed for you to achieve goals, use a dashboard. Some of the most powerful dashboards include TweetDeckSocialBroHootSuite, and Sprout Social. Dashboards allow you to monitor all information at once and personalize your Twitter experience. You can organize tweets by colors, track your brand or name mentions, and search for specific criteria within your Twitter community, for instance.

You can use a hashtag, as in #OnlineMarketing, in tweets to mark specific topics or keywords. Hashtags let your tweets be noticed when other users search within that specific category using the same keyword. You can also control hashtags to promote your content and check who is talking about the same topics you are.

Work With Twitter Lists

Twitter lists, such as “City” or “Industry,” can be very useful, powerful, and noise-reducing tools. They not only allow you to find followers and monitor them, but they also let you organize conversations into groups and share your knowledge in a specific area. By using Twitter lists, you can observe a group of key tweeters within your industry and craft your tweets in ways that alert only those users whose continued attention you need.

Write Short and Often Enough Updates

To boost the chances of being heard in this crowded Twitter world, craft your updates accordingly to your needs and put retweets among other relevant, business-related posts. If you have many followers, write short messages and retweet them relatively often. Thus, you don’t repeat yourself and bore your followers, but you make your business more visible. If you‘re not that popular or may have less to talk about, start off by tweeting once a day and look for creative ways to engage the audience. Soon, you’ll see which tweet frequency works best for you. In both cases, occasional posts may not let you reach the desired public, whereas showering your followers with constant, multiple or irrelevant tweets may seem spammy.

Connect With Influential and Industry People

Take your game a bit further and start interacting with important people. Simply search for influential and well-known individuals within your industry and start following them. You can strike a conversation by commenting on their tweets and maybe have them reply or retweet one of your updates. It’s easier than you think, and it’ll help you become more visible and will increase your reputation.

Time and Schedule Your Tweets

Since we all need some sleep, it’s impossible for you and your audience to be on Twitter 24/7. Try to observe your followers and note the times they are most active. And reach them then with your most important updates. Also, time and plan your posts by using a tweet schedule. You can design one with HootSuite or Buffer applications. Having a tweet schedule lets you create prewritten messages when you want and set them up to appear throughout the day, even when you’re asleep or on vacation. How convenient is that!

Incorporate Visual Methods in Your Tweets

Plain text may be dull for many individuals, who skim through hundreds of tweets daily. However, if your followers see a content-related photograph, link, graph, chart, or video in your tweets, they’ll probably stop for a second, view them, and respond. So, in addition to providing an interesting caption, try incorporating these valuable, thought-provoking, and attention-getting visual methods and increase your visibility.

Ask Questions and Reply to People

Twitter should be a conversation, not a monologue. In order to jump start this two-way traffic, try to reply to your followers publicly and as often as possible. Doing this not only makes you more visible, but it also increases your reputation and the chances of expanding your followers list. Also, when tweeting, simply ask your audience questions about your content. This allows you to interact with other users and gives everyone an opportunity to exchange information.

Use the Right Tools to Find the Right Info

Twitter search is a powerful tool that lets you stay updated on what’s current at this exact moment. For example, searching for “computer” and “programming” in your city could lead you to potential customers looking for such services, key industry people tweeting about it, or popular hashtags being used. With Twitter search, you can look for certain people, phrases and keywords, and you can find tweets from specific locations or about particular topics or people.

Be Current, Consistent and Clear

Many users rely on Twitter for timely and accurate news. Updating your status once in a while and posting old information won’t be effective. Try to be current and consistent with your tweets and utilize tools, such as a tweet schedule, along the way. Also, remember that because tweets are written and aren’t face-to-face interactions, they may lose some of your tone and meaning. Or, they may be misinterpreted by your audience. So, ensure your tweets are clear, respectful, and professional.

Complete Your Profile and Bio Info

Many Twitter users think their profile and bio aren’t that important, or they simply forget to update them. However, completing your profile in full is vital in identifying you and reinforcing your brand. So, attach a picture, describe your product, give your location, and share your expertise. Many potential users visit your profile to find motivation to follow you, so don’t leave this section blank and risk being unnoticed.

In this fast-growing world of technology, social media, and online marketing, getting your name out to the public is your key to success. Luckily, platforms such as Twitter let you be noticed, whereas the above tips make your Twitter visibility even better. So, read them and use them. But, remember to always follow Twitter Rules, when you use this powerful tool and learn new maneuvering tricks.

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