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Say hi to Mike – INCORE’s Online Marketing Strategist!

Mike Wicinski, the newest addition to the INCORE team, is already knee-deep in his responsibilities for online marketing, which involves working on our website and helping clients to improve their online visibility.

Mike is available to help you to capitalize on a variety of Internet marketing tactics in which he specializes: search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, usability testing and web analytics.

Mike Wicinski INCORE Team

He enjoys putting his Master's degree in Management to use - in a recent interview, Mike said, “I like to think that combining online marketing with different pieces of the organization, using the synergy effect, will deliver great results. The data analysis perspective is very important, but the human perspective and the correlation of what we do with the business that we are trying to support during this process is crucial.”

When asked to describe the benefits of inbound marketing and SEO, Mike said, “The key advantage of SEO, and search engine marketing, in general, is that we don’t have to use up energy on targeting people that may or may not be interested in our service, but we solely focus on people who we know who are looking for this certain thing. We can then focus on delivering the greatest product or service possible.

Before joining INCORE, Mike worked for, Poland’s largest business Internet medium, where he looked after the company's lifestyle portfolio, generating 1-1.5 million unique users per month. He has experience with an interactive agency as a SEO/SEM specialist and Marketing Manager, with responsibility for managing all online and offline marketing activities, PR, customer support, and defining marketing strategies for ongoing and future projects, including a major European airline ticket booking site that grew 100% YOY1 under his watch.

You'll find more information on his bio page and, in the meantime, say hi to Mike!

  1. Year Over Year - YOY performance is frequently used by investors seeking to gauge whether a company's financial performance is improving or worsening.
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An entrepreneur with an eye for good design and advocate of simplicity. He brings a fresh strategy and approach to every project and plays an integral role in clients’ accomplishments through collaboration and close integration. Through his hands-on experience in technology and marketing, he ensures user experiences and technology are on the leading edge.