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PlanMySite Becomes INCORE

PlanMySite has changed its name to INCORE. The new identity reflects the evolution of a small web design company into a digital agency.

PlanMySite web design company became incore

Why a new name?

Our "PlanMySite" name and brand served us well, but over the years we didn’t mature the brand as fast as the agency evolved. Candidly, we let our brand fall behind. Following a very successful year in terms of new business and product development, our technology has progressed to such a degree that we no longer feel that the name PlanMySite accurately reflects who we are.

INCORE catches us up. It pulls back a curtain to reveal what our agency has become. Most importantly, it conveys what we do for our clients directly, with more power and simplicity. We’ve all been working hard to make this rebrand a reality, and we’re excited to unveil the new identity.


The name INCORE is based on the concept of the core—the most central part of something.

This is the simplest answer to this question but lets elaborate on this a little more.

At our digital agency, our team is at the core of all we do. After all, there are plenty of digital agencies out there, but people are what set them apart. We bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm, technology, and other tools to the creative table to produce something special for each client. We believe that the right team of people with the right set of skills, passion, talent, and enormous hunger for growth is an essential and foundational core of every success.

The Internet is one of the greatest tools in history, and there is nothing that gives us greater access to information than the World Wide Web. At the click of the mouse or the press of a few keystrokes we are able to access anything we want from around the world. Information is at our fingertips in seconds, and the abundance of information that we can access at any time is truly amazing.

However, the downside to all this is the information overload, something that business owners, C-level executives and decision makers face more and more. With so much information flooding into their eyes and ears at all times, it can be next to impossible to keep up with the constant flow of information. Despite the fact that being able to access hundreds of thousands of links for any query that we might have—along with the fact that most of the information is of excellent quality—it can often be difficult for us to determine which is the best source to use to obtain the desired information.

“We grow companies with clients' core principles in mind.”

Tomasz Banas, CEO of INCORE tweet this quote

When it comes to focusing on the basics of the business, it can often be hard for leaders to get back to the business basics amidst the bombardment of information that tries to entice business owners to, "try this new method of advertising," or, "use this new marketing scheme to get your product noticed." Before they know it, they end up overextending themselves or trying to reach too far to keep up with all the new information they are presented with. Staying simple is often the most effective key to business success, but keeping operations simple is far more difficult in this day and age.

There is so much buzz and noise. With new things and channels of communication coming out every single day, making the right business decisions is much more challenging.

We closely collaborate with diverse range of clients, helping them block the noise (things that don't matter) and grow businesses by incorporating proven strategies with clients' goals and core principles in mind. This is why "INCORE" accurately reflects who we are.

There are a lot of mid-size agencies out there. Why does a client choose INCORE?

Our focus. We don’t try to be all things to all people. We were born at the dawn of the digital-age and have grown with it. As a result, the depth of digital strategy and senior-level experience we place on an account is difficult for larger agencies to match.

We have one of the most experienced, digital leadership teams of any agency. We started our careers (sometimes still in college or even before) in this space, and we never left. We know what we’re good at, and we keep getting better. By cooperating as a team with this mindset—where everyone does what he or she loves, where hobbies become specialties—we are able to provide outstanding outcomes.

So what now? What can we expect from your agency?

This brand change allows an opportunity to grow, and it more accurately defines the umbrella of services we provide…from web design and branding strategy to social media and mobile advertising. We can now grow our current client relationships, engage with bigger brands that are looking to place a bigger foothold in their markets, and of course our own agency size.

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur with an eye for good design and advocate of simplicity. He brings a fresh strategy and approach to every project and plays an integral role in clients’ accomplishments through collaboration and close integration. Through his hands-on experience in technology and marketing, he ensures user experiences and technology are on the leading edge.