Tomasz Banas

INCORE & IWW Join Forces & Bridge the Gap

We’re pleased to announce that INCORE has formed a partnership with IWW Interactive Agency, which will double the talent base of both companies while increasing the breadth of services we offer.

INCORE and IWW Partnership

We’ve already been working with IWW on several client campaigns. By combining our team members’ diverse expertise, both agencies have enhanced their comprehensive marketing skill set in support of client goals. With INCORE based in New Jersey and IWW headquartered in Arizona, our partnership also helps us better serve our geographically widespread client base, with added communication and outreach potential across multiple time zones and an increasingly global market.

IWW Interactive Agency specializes in comprehensive marketing campaigns that position clients as top professionals online. IWW also offers expert content creation, social media campaigns, mind mapping, and strategic planning. The team at IWW brings INCORE years of expertise in search marketing, information technology, and driving inbound traffic. With both our teams specializing in online marketing, strategy, and branding, we are excited to bring superior, cutting-edge services through our co-operation.

Marek Wawrzyniak is the founder and CEO of IWW Interactive Agency. With a measurable track record of online development since 1993, Marek’s work has been integral in shaping the search engine optimization and online marketing industries. He has been invited to share his expert knowledge on search engine strategy, social media, and strategy planning at numerous industry conferences over the years. As Marek and Tomasz Banas have both established themselves as digital marketing entrepreneurs—and each with his own unique approach—the two CEOs are excited moving forward together to develop unprecedented client solutions.

INCORE and IWW recently completed two collaborative client projects. For the Tecma Group of Companies, Texas-based Mexico shelter company we created a new website with a fresh design, image, and interactive feel, built using cutting-edge technologies such as HTML 5 and all of its benefits. For Concurrency, Inc., Microsoft partner of the year based in Wisconsin, we implemented a competitive SEO campaign that increased their website exposure and brought their local/regional client base to a national level. These two different projects reflect the diverse talent that our companies now offer by working together.

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur with an eye for good design and advocate of simplicity. He brings a fresh strategy and approach to every project and plays an integral role in clients’ accomplishments through collaboration and close integration. Through his hands-on experience in technology and marketing, he ensures user experiences and technology are on the leading edge.