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Drive Engagement With These 15 Customer-Connecting Ideas

While we may have different opinions on what customer experience is, we can all agree that engaged and valued consumers are happy consumers. So, how do you connect with your clients to drive engagement?

  • Stay active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, You Tube, and LinkedIn by sharing your creative and engaging content regularly.
  • Interest people with free or discounted webinars, tutorials, tools, products, and services.
  • Modify your customer-approach technique after impersonating your clients for some time and seeing if your experience is what you expected and envisioned for them.
  • Communicate in traditional ways by calling your clients, sending them letters, or even visiting them if possible.
  • Target the increasing number of multi-screeners and portable device users with mobile optimization and responsive web design.
  • Encourage participation by creating product-review contests, selecting weekly or monthly fans, and posting client-sent photos of your products.
  • Engage people with unique, interactive, and need-targeted links, videos, newsletters, blog posts, and website content.
  • Make your customer service a part of your customer experience strategy after equipping your employees with appropriate knowledge and useful tools.
  • Interact with people by asking and answering questions, participating in groups, being accessible, and replying timely.

“Everything starts with the customer.”

Louis XIV tweet this quote
  • Build curiosity about your products or services with geocache scavenger hunts and hints about your offers.
  • Include your customers in the community by publicizing and praising their involvement or participation in your company’s projects or events.
  • Deliver suitable content after surveying or polling your clients to learn their interests, wants, needs, cultures, and backgrounds and by using Google Think Insights.
  • Demonstrate virtual creativity with well-organized client video chats and theme or holiday parties.
  • Show concern by listening to your customers, welcoming all positive and negative feedback, and addressing problems in a respectful manner.
  • Adjust your strategy after familiarizing yourself with online reputation management problems and tools and after learning people’s opinions about you.

You can connect with customers in multiple ways. This may require some time, creativity and flexibility. But, incorporating the above tips in your customer experience strategy is beneficial and significant for your company. The following infographic sums it up well, showing how to connect with people, what happy clients do, and how they act without this connection.

How to connect with your customers
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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