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Apple’s Battle with Google Results in One Loser: The Consumer

To some, it may have been only a matter of time before the tech-world’s two biggest giants, Apple and Google, began to collide. Yet, given the fact that the two companies focused on different aspects of technology coupled with the fact that Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, sat on the Apple board from 2006 to 2009, it does come as a bit of a shock to see the two companies being so violently opposed. Even worse, given the current state of their relationship, it is actually the consumer who will suffer.


For those who are not aware, Google and Apple are officially at war with one another. The division has occurred, as Google has increasingly become a major player in the world of mobile devices. In addition to manufacturing and selling the Nexus, Google has also developed the powerful Android system that is used by an increasingly growing number of phone makers.

As a result, Google has become Apple’s biggest competitor when it comes to smartphones. In fact, phones containing the Android system surpassed iPhone sales in late 2010, prompting Steve Jobs to lament that "we didn’t go into search" and "we are not going into search." Although jobs did not call for removing Google search boxes from Apple devices at the time, the company has since had a change of heart.

The reasons for the success of the Android system are numerous. First, while Apple only allows Apple-approved apps to be used on its devices, Google gives Android away to phone makers. The phone makers are then free to modify the system to suit their needs, so long as they maintain a basic set of standards that allow an app built for one Android phone to be used on another. While Google tends to launch products while they are still in the Beta version, Apple is far more controlled and typically releases a product only after it has been thoroughly tested and the company is sure it will be a success.

In the world of technology, there is room for both the Google and the Apple approach and the competition has lead to numerous innovations. Today, the companies do compete with their browsers of Safari vs. Chrome. Both companies have also launched their own photographic software, e-mail and cloud computing. Google has also recently launched Google Music, which directly competes with Apple’s iTunes. Similarly, Apple has now launched iAd, which is a mobile-advertising platform that will compete directly against Google’s primary source of income.

Given the ongoing battle between the two companies, those who have been keeping a close eye on technology may not have been too surprised when Apple decided to drop Google Maps from the iOS 6. While some may think this was simply a smart business decision, the reality is that it is the user who suffers. Furthermore, the decision may prove to backfire on Apple, as many have grown to become dependent upon Google Maps and the driving directions it provides.

Here at PlanMySite, we love technology and are proud to be part of the technology age. Therefore, we hate to see major players such as Google and Apple and odds with each other. Not only does it hurt the consumer, but also it slows progress within the field. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved quickly and the two companies will learn to work together as they compete for their share of the marketplace.

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